Best Practices when Using Twitter Channels

There are a number of practices to be aware of as you implement a Twitter Channel.  This article describes key best practices and considerations. 

 ENGAGEcx: Twitter Channel Uses

Best Practice 1: It is best to associate an ENGAGEcx Twitter Channel with a Twitter account that has an established history of tweets and followers. 

Best Practice 2: Twitter is expecting that a real human-to-human interaction takes place unless there is a Promoted (or Paid) Tweet.  As a result it is important to ensure that you are not creating Spam Tweets or Twitter will suspend your account. 

Best Practice 3: Remember that there is value in following tweets – particularly if they involve customers who engage with you via other channels -- without necessarily responding back directly to those customers.  You may follow competitors or understand your customers general reactions. 

Best Practice 4: When in doubt…review The Twitter Rules


The following are examples of ways to use ENGAGEcx in conjunction with your Twitter and other Social Strategies.


1)    Listen & Respond to Keywords

a.    The most open way to engage on Twitter

b.    Be careful not to “Spam” users with duplicate or repetitive Tweets.  Please read The Twitter Rules above.

2)    Listen & Respond to #Hashtag conversations or Marketing Campaigns

a.    #Hashtags assume there is a community of people discussing a topic and/or is used in organized marketing campaigns

b.    Provide Incentives & Offers directly via tweet or via landing pages within the tweet

c.     If you are the creator of the #Hashtag, responders are less likely to report you as a spammer.  They have chosen to engage in a discussion that was sourced by you.

3)    Engage a Social Network

a.    Create an event/campaign with multiple social media (Twitter & Facebook) and a third party/partner to generate a multi dimensional conversation around a topic

4)    Subject Matter Twitter Interviews

a.    Invite an expert to a real time Twitter interview around his/her area of expertise

b.    Have additional users listening for key responses to the interview dialogue

5)    Listen for responses to Twitter Promoted Tweets & Accounts

a.    Create a Targeted Promoted Account where Twitter will allow paid Tweets to the audience (See Twitter Advertising below)

b.    Create Suggested Follows for the new audience to capture new followers as a part of the Promoted campaign

c.     Listen & Respond to responses to paid advertisements from Promoted Accounts/Tweets

6)    Listen to Competitive Tweets

a.    Listen to how followers are engaging with your competition in order to identify campaign opportunities.



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