R6 Spring '15: Feature Summary


The following features are new or updated in ENGAGEcx Release 6 (R6) Spring '15:

"Inline" Customer Sentiment and Ratings Capture

Throwaway your periodic customer surveys, where the sentiment information you collect is outdated before you ever can react to it. R6 lets you capture Customer Sentiment in line with customers' touchpoints, and to tune sentiment tracking according to your experience and process. We've augmented our R5 ratings framework in R6 to:

  • Include the customer's emotional intensity against the customer's affinity to more accurately capture his sentiment. (One customer event that really matters to an individual -- whether positive or negative -- will change his overall feelings about your company much more than hundreds of 'happy' or 'unhappy' events that don't really touch him).
  • Give you ways to present unintrusive, 'quick follow ups' to your customers via digital channels, linked to the touchpoint they just made, and to track those inputs.
  • Let you define baseline ratings based on the kind of customer event and channel you are orchestrating

Customer Life Cycle Analysis

In R5, we introduced "JourneyScaping," which allows companies to capture and consolidate customer touchpoints, spanning digital and physical, into a single measurable journey. R6 provides the management perspective of JourneyScaping via Customer Life Cycle Analysis, so that your customer experience process can be understood and improved across segments and channels. Key elements include:

  • Aggregate and drill thru of Individual and Customer Event Metrics across Customer Life Cycle Stage
  • Ability to assess Customer Sentiment across how you go to market, including by Channel, by Associate, by Event Category

Configurable Individual Profile with pics

Now, our Mobile Associate application presents a deeper, more configurable profile of the Individual. Whether prepping ahead, or reacting to an inbound interaction, the Associate can quickly assess key points about the Individual to make his experience timely and pertinent. New elements include the following:

  • The implementer can now configure an out-of-the-box template, or create his own, in order to present Individual information to the Associate in the way that your implementation wants it displayed. He can organize standard and custom fields into named sections, along with the individual's picture and a map of his location, via a simple administration UI.
  • The implementer can publish his own custom report or configure a link to an external URL with parameters to provide additional information inline with the other individual details.
  • The Associate can take the individual's picture (with his permission, of course) straight from his mobile device or upload his picture, to make future interactions with that individual easier for the team.

Localization & Internationalization

We've introduced timezone management and resource bundles so our international customers can now view the application in their native languages and expected formats. (That is such a simple sentence for such a robust architectural advancement).

Access Profiles and Improved Security

We've enhanced our security model to support secure, gateway-brokered communication between outside "untrusted" applications (such as your marketing web site) and our event processing engine. Our "Send Event" and "Rate Event" APIs employ JSON Web Token (JWT) to submit the claim of the API submission encoded as a JSON object that is digitally signed using JSON Web Signature (JWS).

This means you (via your administrator) will need to create one or more Access Profiles to submit customer events; we give you some flexibility to decide the degree of security and the length of timeout of each Access Profile according to your risk tolerance and security needs. We also continue to support the 'open' ContactUs APIs to make getting started and testing fast-and-simple, but we encourage you to move away from their use in production, for your own benefit as well as ours.

Other Good Stuff

  • Simple Upgrade and Backwards Compatibility: You expect this from a cloud-based solution, but rest-assured, upgrades continue to be done with no impact to you unless you want to engage on new features, and even then, it's pretty minimal. Any hard part is really about how to model and apply your business's concepts well, not a technical component.
  • Associate App: You'll notice a few other changes in the Associate Mobile App besides the Individual Profile. For instance, there's a new Home Page with some nice information. And the navigation is a little easier to follow.

Bug Fixes - R6 

A number of bugs were addressed. Some key ones are as follows:

  • Channel Configuration: You can delete a Test Channel now.
  • Big Data: Custom fields with data type = DateTime are now processed into Analytics.
  • MapQuest API: MapQuest changed their API. Event locations once again show on the map in the Associate Application on an Interaction.
  • Associate App: Under certain circumstances, Individual Persona was not being retreived on the Interaction. Now it is.
  • Reports: Associate Dashboard used to look empty when you opened it because it had no default Timeframe. Now it does.
  • Reports: On Analytic Grids, a formula wouldn't reload if you had a hidden carriage return in the formula. Now it does.
  • Reports: On Analytic Grids, the open/close settings weren't saving across sessions. Now they do.
  • Reports: On Dashboards, charts didn't refresh when you resized them. Now they do.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions about a specific bug not listed here.

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