R6 Spring '15: Preparing for your Upgrade


If you want to keep using ENGAGEcx in R6 exactly as you've been using it in R5, then you have nothing to prepare.

That said, we hope you want to use the new R6 features.  Three keys ones for you think about:

  • Heightened security model for submitting events
  • More capabilities on capturing and tracking Customer Sentiment 
  • New concepts and capabilities to help monitor Customer Life Cycle effectiveness

We hope you are excited about the powerful functionality coming -- but this also means ENGAGEcx has some new concepts that you'll need to think through, and some updates to make to your integrations.  

By now, you've been contacted by your implementation partner or by our customer account manager to discuss upgrade impact and timing.  Since each situation is unique, we won't be documenting the preparations here.  


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